Extensions (PGR Students)

The University’s PGR extension information can be found online, and queries can be directed to PGR Administration.

What support is available to me from the GSA Advice Service?

The GSA Advice service would be happy to speak with you about your situation and to provide guidance on the options available to you.

We are also able to take a look over any requests for extension and evidence in support of a request, and to provide guidance as to any further information it may be helpful for you to include in your request.

Where can I find further information about extensions?

  • University rules relating to extensions for postgraduate research programmes are laid out in the Policy on Research Degrees. You may find it particularly helpful to refer to section 7.15 and 7.16 in relation to extensions to submission deadlines, and sections 8.37 and 8.38 in relation to extensions to progression deadlines.
  • You are also welcome to speak to a GSA Adviser if you are not sure if you would like to request an extension. Email us at advice@yorkgsa.org to book an appointment or speak to an adviser.