The York Graduate Students’ Association has been around campaigning for postgraduate rights and representing our members since 1965! We are one of only three postgraduate students’ unions in the UK and ensuring that your voice is heard both at the University of York, locally or nationally is our key priority. There are a number of ways that we represent you and many ways you can get involved yourself and create change! Check them out below!

Sabbatical Officers

We have three elected Sabbatical Officers who represent your interests! You can find out more about your 2020/21 Sabbatical Team here!


Is there something you want to change at the University, locally or nationally? Then let’s start a campaign! From campaigning on continuation fees to study spaces, let’s work to improve what matters to you! Find out more here!

Your Ideas

Do you have an idea about change you would like to see at the GSA or University? Do you have a suggestion about how we can improve our services and activities? Suggest an idea here!

Association Council

Association Council is the core policy and decision making body at the York GSA and is made up of a group of elected and appointed officers by GSA members to represent the membership as a whole. You can make change through Council, create policy, mandate Officers to take a stance and hold your elected/appointed representatives to account.

You can find out more about who sits on Council and what Council’s powers are below or read the minutes from previous Council meetings here.

Part-Time Officers 

Part-Time Officers are democratically elected each year by you! They hold a vote on Council and make decisions about what the GSA campaigns on, the policy it creates, and hold Sabbatical Officers to account.

You can find out more about who they are, what they do, and how you can contact your Part-Time Officers here!

Course Representatives

Course Representatives are democratically elected each year by you! They represent your interests at the University of York. Course Representatives work collaboratively with staff to improve their Course, campaign for change and help resolve any course-related matters that may arise. To find out who your Course Representative is or to get involved, find out more here.


Do you want to gather support for an issue or trigger a referendum? Then you can create a petition to help further your campaign! Find out more here.


Referendums put key topics and questions to a vote by the GSA membership! You can find out more about how to trigger a referendum here.