Networks Guide and How to Join

Want to make friends as a Postgrad? Meet like-minded people and have a fun time? At the GSA we do this through our networks, groups of students that put on regular events with a dedicated budget to make your university experience the best it can be.

You can join any one of our Networks by signing clicking on the blue links and filling in your name and email address. That way you won’t miss any of our events – or even the opportunity to get involved as one of our Network Coordinators or Social Secretaries.

Join each Network by clicking on the name of the Network you want to join and filling in your details. Membership of Postgraduate Networks are FREE, but the GSA provides a budget for each of them to ensure that students have the best time possible.

Sign up to our 2023/24 Networks Below:

International Students Network

If you’re classified as an EU student or an Overseas student by the University, this Network is for you. We’re here to share in each others’ cultures, help each other out, and have fun together. We have a few sub-groups within this Network, so if you’re interested in meeting and socialising with others from your home region you can do that here too.

Nights Out Network

Nights out together are a great way to make friends and enjoy your time here at York. The Nights Out Network organises a range of social activities including pub crawls, karaoke nights, and group gig trips. Things are slightly different at the moment due to the Covid-19 situation but we’ll still have activities this year and we’ll do more when things open up fully in York.

Food Network

Do you like food? So do we! The GSA Food Network is for those of us who like appreciate the finer things in life, such as eating good food whether it’s in a restaurant or making it ourselves.

Disabled Students Network

If you identify as a postgraduate student with a disability, you are more than welcome here. Students with any disability are welcome regardless of whether that’s a physical or an invisible disability.

BAME Students Network

This Network is for postgraduate students who self define as BAME. It’s a space to socialise, share ideas and experiences, and can help you get involved in University-wide campaigns if you want to shape the BAME student experience at York during your time here.

Online and Part Time Students Network

For some of us at York, postgraduate study is a slightly different shape. It might be that you’re doing it part-time or that you’re a long-distance student who’s doing it all online. This is a place for you to meet others who are doing things the same way you are and to share the experience together.

Master’s Network

Doing your master’s can be a brilliant experience. But it’s all too easy to concentrate on the academic side of things and not let yourself unwind. Our Master’s Network is a community of students all doing their master’s and relaxing together. We do regular events, whether that be a Pub Quiz or a board games cafe, there’s always opportunities to hang out and make friends.

PhD Network 

We’ve set up a network for PhD students who want to get to know one another socially; find out what other research is taking place at the University; and learn from others. The group meets regularly throughout the year and we’re a friendly bunch, so just come along!

LGBTQ+ Network

This network is a great way to meet other LGBTQ+ postgraduates in the University and make loads of friends.The LGBTQ network is one of those few instances where students from all disciplines get a chance to sit down and enjoy a few drinks and talk about their shared interests.

The network is also a platform to explore possibilities about increasing visibility and raising awareness about LGBTQ issues within the University and in the greater context. It has links with all the major LGBT groups in the city and is part of planning and delivery of LGBT history month and York Pride.

Family Network

We are a group organised by families and the GSA aimed at University families. Home and international students, undergraduate, postgraduate and members of staff – anyone at the University of York with dependants is welcome to join us! Feel free to ask questions, exchange tips, ideas, experiences, useful information, events, have fun and find support!