Volunteer at the GSA!

Would you like to volunteer and gain some valuable experience working for us?

We have lots of exciting volunteer roles for you to get involved at the GSA from our Network Coordinators, photographers, Sport volunteers, Wechat assistants, and Trip Volunteers!

If you’re interested in getting involved or want to find out more, sign up below to register your interest!

Network Coordinators
Have you ever run and managed an event? Sign up as a Network Coordinator and organise and run events for your Network!

There are 10 Postgraduate Networks overseen by at least two Network Coordinators per Network.  You can  run events from lunches at Cat Cafe’s to Pub Crawls, pizza nights to painting sessions! Training will be provided by the GSA.

Trip Volunteers 
Do you love to Travel? We are looking for students to facilitate and help us take students on our trips! Your role will be ensuring all students are counted onto coaches to and from the trip destination, and that all students are having fun. Training will also be provided.

Social Sports Volunteers
Are you a lover of sport? Sign up to become a Sports Volunteer and help us to set up and run our free sport sessions! As a Sports Volunteer you will help us to set up sports sessions with racquets and sporting equipment needed, and assist any students who may be struggling to learn a sport.

Photographer Volunteers
Do you love to take Photographs? We are looking for students to help to take photos of students during our events in the academic year! This is a great opportunity to increase your portfolio as a photographer, and photograph a range of different events!

Wechat Assistants
Do you love to create social media content and use Wechat? We need assistants to help us to create exciting content for our Wechat platform and help us contact students. Click the link if you’re interested in finding out more!