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Key Documents

GSA Election Regulations

GSA Governing Documents – Updated 2018

GSA Complaints Procedure


Annual Reports

Annual Report 2018/19

Annual Report 2017/18

Annual Report 2016/17

Annual Report  2015/16

Annual Report 2014/15

Annual Report 2013/14

Annual Report 2012/13

Annual Report 2011/12

Annual Report 2010/11

Annual Report 2009/10

Annual Report 2008/09

Annual Report 2007/08


Annual Accounts

Annual Accounts 2017/18

Annual Accounts 2016/17

Annual Accounts 2015/16

Annual Accounts 2014/15

Annual Accounts 2013/14

Annual Accounts 2012/13

Annual Accounts 2011/12

Annual Accounts 2010/11

Annual Accounts 2009/10

Annual Accounts 2008/09