Vision, Mission and Values

The GSA Vision

To be a distinctive, postgraduate student association, successfully influencing the postgraduate student experience. York’s postgraduates will feel represented, supported and valued.

The GSA Mission

To empower every postgraduate at the University of York, through effective representation, advice and support, and the fostering of community-building initiatives.

GSA Values


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We take responsibility for our actions, decisions and policies at
an individual and organisational level. We report openly to one
another and to the postgraduate population we represent.

We create trust and earn the belief and confidence of York’s
postgraduates, the University of York and other external
stakeholders. We provide factual and relevant information;
listen to others’ opinions; are experts in postgraduate issues;
act with integrity and professionalism; embrace diversity and
equality; and are wholly committed to our vision, mission and


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We work as a team, and communicate and cooperate with the
University of York and other external partners at all levels. We
focus on the important issues and jointly choose solutions, to
best serve the interests of York’s postgraduate population.

Continuous improvement

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We continue to learn, grow and increase our influence through
the gathering and sharing of information and knowledge. We
have defined and realistic goals and objectives; an agreed set
of performance measures; and established monitoring and
evaluation procedures.

We operate as a vigorous, lively and vital organisation. We put
energy into our work and deliver activity that is stimulating and


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We are robust and resilient to shocks in our environment.
We have an effective governance structure; sound financial
management procedures; a supported and skilled Officer and

Staff team; willingness to working in collaboration; and an up-
to-date knowledge of our sector.