Scrutiny Officers

As a democratic organisation working to represent your interests, it is important that you can hold your elected representatives accountable. Read below to find out how you can hold them to account:

Scrutiny Officers

Every year we democratically elect Scrutiny Officers whose job it is to hold Sabbatical Officers and Part-Time Officers to account. You can run for one of these roles or exercise your democratic right and vote in the elections.

Accountability Panels

Scrutiny Officers scrutinise Sabbatical Officer reports at an Accountability Panel and make sure they are working on their manifesto promises, objectives, working to their role description and implementing any policies mandated by Council. Accountability Panels are held before each Council meeting and the panel must report back to Council on whether they are satisfied with the reports.


Council is open for any GSA members to attend and is the place where you can view Sabbatical Officer reports and ask any questions if you feel the Accountability Panel did not cover them. You can also hold your elected Part-Time Officers to account through asking them questions at Council.

Votes of Censure and Votes of No Confidence

If you are not happy with the actions of your elected representatives, you can hold them to account by submitting to Council a motion of Censure or a motion of No Confidence.

What is a motion of Censure?

A Motion of Censure should be used when the actions of the member are unacceptable and should not be repeated. This should be noted in the minutes and published online.

What is a motion of No-Confidence?

A Motion of No Confidence should be used to remove a member from their position if it is believed the members actions are completely unacceptable. In the event of the motion being passed the member shall no longer hold their position.

In the event that a No Confidence motion votes to remove a Sabbatical Officer then a referendum will be called to put the removal to a student vote. The referendum will be conducted in accordance with the By-Law on Referendums.

If you are considering putting in a motion of Censure of No-Confidence, please contact for further support and guidance.