Officer Election Results June 2023

After an exciting month of nominations, campaigning and voting, we can finally announce who your new GSA Sabbatical Officer team will be!

Before that, we’d just like to quickly thank everyone who has put work in as a candidate or on a campaign team. We know it’s tough work and it takes a lot of effort, so we’d like to recognise all the students who were out speaking to voters, sticking up posters, and making an effort to get postgraduate voices heard.

And now onto what you’re here for, the final results!

VP Wellbeing and Community

Your new Vice President Wellbeing and Community for 2023 – 2024 is…

Congratulations Zehui Zhang (Canaan) with 157 Votes!

VP Academic

Your new Vice President Academic for 2023- 2024 is…

Congratulations Cytherea with 293 Votes!


Your new President for 2023-2024 is…

Congratulations Mardan with 289 Votes!


Well done to all the candidates in the 2023 GSA Election, and a big round of applause to Mardan, Cythrea and Zehui!

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