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Kate’s Blog – Week 1 De-stress

I hope you all had a wonderful bank holiday weekend, I spent some of mine at home seeing the dogs, also my parents, but mostly the dogs, which was great. So here we are, it’s Week 1, which is not something anybody wants, particularly with exams and deadlines looming like big, horrible smelly things, but…

17th April 2017

Kate’s Blog – Winter Warm-up

It’s that time of year again when it’s cold and dark and miserable and there’s not even the Christmas holidays to look forward to and even though it’s week five it feels like it ought to be week nine and there’s marking to do and whilst you know the weather’s going to get better, you…

6th February 2017

Rasha’s Blog – New Beginnings

New beginnings! It is true that new beginnings have a special beauty and charm. Maybe it’s the enthusiasm, the passion and the hope for a new start. This adrenalin rush that accompanies the beginning of a new academic year is truly amazing. It gives you a burst of energy to declare it out loud to…

12th October 2016