News Archive: February 2017

Saad’s Blog – Meet the GSA Council

Hi, my name is Saad. I hope you’re doing well with your studies. I don’t know about you but I’m actually really enjoying these winter months. Something about them is helping me enjoy spending time with my friends all the more. We as your council thought it would be better if you know more about…

20th February 2017

Rasha’s Blog – Struggling with Writing & Jobs!

One of the biggest challenges that face us as postgraduate students is writing. Many find it difficult to start writing, many struggle with words, and some find it hard to manage their time and progress. Below, I share with you some of the tips that can help: 1- Find a writing buddy, probably, another student,…

13th February 2017

Kate’s Blog – Winter Warm-up

It’s that time of year again when it’s cold and dark and miserable and there’s not even the Christmas holidays to look forward to and even though it’s week five it feels like it ought to be week nine and there’s marking to do and whilst you know the weather’s going to get better, you…

6th February 2017