Kate’s Blog – Winter Warm-up

It’s that time of year again when it’s cold and dark and miserable and there’s not even the Christmas holidays to look forward to and even though it’s week five it feels like it ought to be week nine and there’s marking to do and whilst you know the weather’s going to get better, you don’t know when and…
Anyway you get the point. Last week I bought myself one of those lamps that replicates the good bits from sunlight, because I was missing the sun so much. I’m going to make myself a foil collar and sit in front of it like a 1930s beauty queen. You, however, do not need to go to such extreme lengths, because this week is GSA Winter Warm Up Week.
Because we’re postgrads, we’ve done our research and put together a week full of things that have shown to boost mood (I’ll be posting some of the papers on Facebook over the course of the week). Today we have a puppy event in Vanbrugh JCR. Unfortunately this is booked up. I’m sorry to waive the possibility of puppies in front of you and cruelly snatch it away again. But, do not fear there are plenty more things to attend:

Tea, coffee and biscuits in the Vanbrugh SCR (10.30-11.30am)

Pop in for a break and a free cuppa, I may even bring some homemade cake. My cake is pretty good, if I do say so myself.



Zumba session in AEW/003 (5.30-6.30pm). This is free, but charitable donations are welcomed

More free tea, this time fruit teas in the Berrick Saul Building (12.00-2.00pm)



Get some fresh air and exercise and learn some more about the history of York on a free Ghost Walk led by yours truly. Meet at the Constantine statue outside York Minster at 6.00pm. Walk will last around an hour and a half (less if it’s very cold)


So there you have it lots of free, fun and good for you events to help shake off the winter blues. I’ll be making things from tin foil and cardboard if you need me.

6th February 2017