Periodic Reviews

This guide is aimed at providing students with a brief introduction to Periodic Reviews. If you are reading this guide, you have probably been invited to participate in the review of your department. Student input into these reviews is highly valued, both as a way of telling the university about your learning experience in the department and also as a way of helping your department continue to improve and develop for all students.

What is Periodic Review?

Every six years the university conducts a review of all the taught and research programmes in each department to review the quality and standards of the provision. The aim is to identify good practice and suggest possible changes with recommendations from these Reviews leading to improvements for students.

Each review is undertaken by a review panel. This panel consists of two academics from York, two external academics from a similar discipline and a student representative (from either the GSA or YUSU).

What happens during a review?

The process of the review begins with the department writing a Self-Evaluation Document. This document, and a range of supporting documentation, are then considered by the review team in advance of a department visit. The review team visit the department for the whole day and meet with the Head of Department, a range of staff (including Graduate Teaching Assistants) and students. The meetings are informal and nothing you say will be quoted in the report, nor will any student be identified to the department. The review team will ask a series of questions, but there will also be opportunities for you to talk about other topics.

The Student Submission

Prior to each visit the GSA and YUSU will conduct a survey of all students in the Department. This data collection will form part of the Student Submission. The report is included as part of the documentation given to the review panel prior to their visit. The report is then used to inform the review team of issues/areas that are important to students within the department.

What happens after a review?

After a review, the review team produces a detailed report and an action plan (in consultation with the department). This report identifies good practice and areas to develop. The report is then made available online to staff and students, after a final review by the University Teaching Committee, York Graduate Research School Board, and University Senate.

Any questions?

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with our Academic Officer, Zhangteng ( who will be able to help.