Academic Representation Strategy

The GSA has conducted a review into its current Academic Representation procedures, and has condensed them into our new Academic Representation Strategy, which can be accessed here:

Academic Representation Report 2019

Academic Representation is a key part of the GSA work, ensuring that students can identify, raise and solve issues within their departments, as well as identifying and sharing good practice. To fully support our network of reps, we deliver a schedule of training, ongoing support and drop in sessions, as well assisting with campaigns or committee proposals.

For departments, we support the student voice contact in facilitating the rep networks, helping run the election processes and providing bespoke provision for non-standard courses.

This strategy details the work we currently do, and are planning to embark upon. It will be reviewed and updated on a yearly basis – however, if you think that there is more we could be doing, let us know!

For more information on this strategy or its implementation, please email