Welcome, thanks, and lockdown – VP Wellbeing and Community Term 1 Blog

I know it’s almost February and the first term seems a long time away, but this blog was written in December 2020 as part of the sabbatical team effort to be transparent and accountable on our activity and report back to the student community on the work that we do on your behalf. As most of you know, this is my second year as a sabb (short for sabbatical officer or student representative), so most of my work has been a continuation of campaigns that started last academic year, and I am now much more familiar with the University structure and decision-making process. My work at the union is focused on developing my manifesto objectives (as they were the goals by which I was elected by the student body to work towards), and although my work is focused on campaigning and lobbying for students wellbeing, most of my time is also taken with committee attendance with University staff and senior management and strategic and governance development of the postgraduate student union (GSA). That is why, if I had to highlight three key areas of work from September to December, these would be:

  1. Launching student financial support campaign: Funding4all
  2. Disseminating the Decolonising UoY SUs Vision
  3. Developing Student Minds SUs partnership

To keep it short, I would like to bullet-point some of the key outcomes of each area of work, but if you are interesting in knowing more about a particular area, or you would like me to focus on something, please don’t hesitate to write me to: vpwellbeing@yorkgsa.org


Decolonising UoY SUs Vision

Student Minds GSA partnership

Other areas of work

Other areas of work that have been developed simultaneously have been:



National perspective

Internal development



9th February 2021