Kate’s Blog – Things to take your mind off Trump

It’s a grey day today, both literally and metaphorically. Trump? Really America? Really? Although I’m not sure we’re in a position to throw stones right now (Brexit you say?). Here at GSA Towers we’ve all got a bit hysterical. Graeme hasn’t slept and has spent the day wearing wellies and whinging (I’m pleased with that alliteration), Matt is saying Harry Potter spells to his phone to turn the torch on and off, with varying levels of success and me? I keep quoting inappropriate lines from Agatha Christie’s ‘And Then There Were None’ (“In life we are in death”, “His sin has found him out!” etc. etc.) which just so happens to be on in the Drama Barn this week and features me. Being utterly vile.

Cheeky DramaSoc plug over.

But back to Trump, we do have GSA-related things that might cheer you up a bit. Or, at least, distract you:

1.       Tickets for Operation Midas are on sale. This is a treasure hunt, escape game and spy thriller all rolled into one, so get your tickets now. In week nine we’ve got a comedy night in Courtyard featuring multi-award winning acts and on the 3rd December we’ll be hosting a Christmas Fair and ceilidh to get you in the festive spirit (more information coming soon).

2.       To help organise and run our events we’re recruiting a volunteer events committee – if you’d like to get involved with this, drop me an email to vp@yorkgsa.org.

3.       The University is looking for feedback on the student partnership agreement that it has drafted. You can see the agreement here and if you do have any thoughts let me know (on the above email) in the next week or so. This is a great opportunity for procrastination.

Now it’s time for hot chocolate and Disney. Or a trip to the Winchester. Look after yourselves.

9th November 2016