GSA Awards 2019

Nominations open now!

The Graduate Students’ Association Awards have been setup to recognise the contributions made to student life made by postgraduate students as well as academic and support staff. There are 8 awards in total with 4 nominated by the postgraduate community.

The awards are:

GSA Volunteer of the year

Best GSA network

GSA Councillor of the year

Course Rep of the year

Postgraduate Community Spirit – Student nominated

This award goes to a Postgraduate student who goes that extra mile to ensure those around them feel part of York’s Postgraduate community. Whether that’s organising events to get postgrads together, a specific project they have helped run, or just being a friendly and helpful person around their department.

Making Postgrads Matter award – student nominated

This award goes to a staff member at the University who has contributed to ensure that postgraduate students get the most out of their time at York and has pushed for better experience either on a departmental or university wide level.

Great Service Award – Student nominated

This award goes to either a support staff member or team from the University who has provided excellent day to day service to postgraduate students, ensuring that student’s time at York is made as easy and enjoyable as possible.

In addition to the GSA Awards, we will also be awarding the Simon Poulding Prize 

Simon Poulding was an alumnus of the Maths department and the Computer Science department and a former member of staff with the Computer Science department. Simon Poulding was a brilliant researcher who cared deeply about science, equality, and diversity.

The Simon Poulding Prize for the promotion of LGBTQ rights is for individuals and/or groups (staff and students) from within STEM departments who have demonstrated notable achievement in or promotion of LGBTQ+ rights/activities during the past 12 months (or the period being reviewed).

Deadline for nominations is 17/06/18

Click here to nominate for the GSA Awards

Click here to nominate for the Simon Poulding Prize