Purnur Altay – President – End of Year Blog

Hello all, for every good thing in life, there is also an end, and I am about to finish my second term in the office on 31 August. In this short blog I wanted to look back and reflect on the last two years where I had the pleasure of trying to make your experience better.

It has been a lovely yet difficult journey where my team and I needed to face a number of challenges along the way, we needed to adapt and find solutions for things that none of us had experienced before. I had numerous strenuous conversations, disagreements, disappointments, yet also rewarding outcomes which have become a driving force to keep me going.

I had a chance to meet many wonderful people during this time and had the opportunity to work with amazing colleagues both within the University and the GSA. I would like to express my gratitude to all the GSA staff members for bearing through all the ramblings that I made when I was designing a campaign plan and being there for me and for all of you. Also I would like to thank my CEO and Trustee Board members for empowering me as a leader and encouraging me to keep going even when I am exhausted. I would like to thank my sabbatical team colleagues not only for their work and kindness but also for their friendship along the way. While leaving, I feel like I have accumulated life-long friendships and I am very grateful for that. Last but not least, I had the opportunity to meet many of you whether through a campaign, on picket lines, in events or through some difficulty you have encountered along the way. I am thankful for the support and encouragement that I have received through successful campaigns and the frustrations that I have shared with you.

With your support over the last two years, I have:

While I am about to end this blog, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you! The list abow, the stuff that I have achieved, was only possible through your support and votes in the elections. Please keep raising your voices, participate in the elections and help the GSA to make postgraduate students matter!

Hope our paths cross again.

Best wishes,

Purnur xx

24th August 2021