York Postgraduate Interdisciplinary Forum Statement

Dear University of York Postgraduates,

The YPIF Committee would like to thank the many attendees from a variety of disciplines who attended our ‘Exploring Research Paradigms’ event on Wednesday. We really appreciate your participation and hope to see you at future seminars and workshops.

We have been made aware that a few people were offended by some of the phrasing in the promotion of our recent event. The text was composed and considered by the whole York Postgraduate Interdisciplinary Forum Committee and Committee members were then asked to circulate it. We apologise for any hurt this may have caused and emphasise that we mean to cause no harm through our work. This situation is being discussed internally so that we can learn from it and ensure that future communications are more professional.

The YPIF wants to assure everyone that our aim is to encourage respectful and thoughtful interdisciplinary communication.

Best wishes,

The York Postgraduate Interdisciplinary Committee


Statement hosted on behalf of student group York Postgraduate Interdisciplinary Forum by the GSA

16th April 2021