York GSA By-Elections Announcement

Over the past few days, you have all been voting in our annual by-election to decide who will represent you this academic year! We hold these second round of elections in order to fill any positions that were left vacant after the first Autumn Elections. You can see below the results from each election, if you would like to see a full breakdown of the results, please email representation@yorkgsa.org.

Part-Time Officer Elections

Chair of Council – David Libeau (114 votes)

PGT Students’ Officer – Javjhlan Otgonsuren (70 votes)

Part-Time Students’ Officer – Gail Williams (77 votes)

Colleges Officer – Li Yao (75 votes)

GTA Officer – Edmund Gyimah (102 votes)

Distance Learning Students’ Officer – Francis Ogoke (61 votes)

Course Representative Elections

Centre for Women’s Studies By-Elections

GSA Computer Science By-Elections

GSA English and Related Studies By-Elections

GSA Education By-Elections

GSA Chemistry By-Elections

GSA Philosophy By-Elections

GSA Sociology By-Elections

GSA Biology By-Elections

GSA Archaeology By-Elections

GSA The York Law School By-Elections

GSA Environment and Geography By-Elections

GSA The York Management School By-Elections

GSA Social Policy and Social Work By-Elections

GSA Health Sciences By-Elections

1st December 2020