GSA York Postgrad Summer Forum – Call for Abstracts for Presentations

Integrating Interfaculty Ideas

Call for Abstracts for Presentations

Calling all postgraduate researchers!

Are you bored over the summer?

Keen to meet new people?

Want to see if you can make someone from a completely different area of academia understand your research?

The York Postgrad Summer Forum is a series of seminars which will take place during the summer vacation, aiming to bridge the gap between academic terms and between academic schools. More than just interdisciplinary, these seminars will be inter-faculty, bringing together postgraduate researchers from across the schools of Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities.

Each seminar will have a broad theme and will feature speakers from each of the three schools. The aim of this is to find connections between otherwise disparate topics of research.

Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to present your research in twenty minutes to an audience of postgraduate researchers from all academic backgrounds. We are currently accepting abstracts from researchers in any discipline which fit one of the following themes:

We encourage you to interpret these in creative ways.  Don’t worry if you aren’t sure which theme best fits your work, as we will be matching up presenters and themes.

There will be seven seminars, which will run fortnightly on Wednesday evenings from 6pm. The first seminar will take place on Wednesday, 19 June (Week 10 summer term).  When you apply, please let us know about any dates which you definitely cannot make – this is not a commitment to availability on all other dates.

Please send your abstract (approx 200 words), availability and any preference of theme to by 5pm on Monday 29th April.

We look forward to seeing you all there.

Deadline for abstracts: 5pm, Monday 29th April

1st April 2019