UCU Industrial Action

We have formally canvassed opinions from within our GSA council and informally with the wider student body. As can be expected with a complex issue like this the views of our members are divided. The strike action will directly impact on the teaching for many of our members and members of our postgraduate community may also be taking part in the strikes.

At this stage our top priority is working with the University to ensuring the academic needs of postgraduate students are met during the strike period.

We are aware that many students are concerned about the potential for significant lost teaching time and want to know what the University will do to compensate them. This is a question we have raised with the University and will continue to do so.

The GSA has met with both the University and UCU representatives to try and ensure the best possible outcome for affected students and have been pushing for clear communications from the University on the strikes. We are pleased to see that communications to students have now gone out.

We have voiced our concerns directly with Professor John Robinson who is chairing the Academic Contingency Planning Group. We are still waiting to hear what steps the University will put in place, but feel our views have been taken on board and our concerns will be addressed in due course. We will endeavor to update students as soon as we have any news.

The York Graduate Research School has informed us that they are currently identifying any research students who may be affected and will be making arrangements to support them.

University departments will be contacting their students about changes in teaching arrangements, so please check your emails regularly.

The GSA is committed to the belief that the education system should be fair for all. We hope that negotiations can recommence soon in order to avoid the strikes or at least bring them to a swift conclusion.

If you have any concerns please get in touch.

Charlotte Chamberlain

GSA President


5th February 2018