Charlotte’s Blog – Time is moving fast!

How has it managed to get to week 5 of term already!?  The clocks go back on Sunday, so enjoy the extra hour in bed – don’t forget to change non-digital watches, cookers, microwaves, otherwise you’ll inevitably end up an hour late… not that I’d be speaking from personal experience here! 😉  I love this time of year, with the changing colours of the leaves, and the cold providing an excuse to spend inordinate amounts of time in cafés.

October also brings Halloween, one of my favourite food-filled festivals of the year. Having studied medieval history, I find the legacy of the early Christian church on our modern traditions fascinating; notwithstanding the more recent focus on chocolate and sweets! The GSA will be hosting a Halloween event in Courtyard, with a costume competition, Karaoke and a Quiz, as well as the curiously named ‘Cauldron Pong’. ☺

If you’ve reached this point of the term and are thinking, ‘hey, I have more free time than I thought!’ have a look at the GSA council roles on our website (and nominate yourself!). They’re great on a CV, and require only an hour or so of your time a week – you learn new skills and increase employability whilst I get to pester you with questions about your experience as a postgraduate in the name of ‘research’.

On a more serious note – most tuition fees are due by the end of October, if you’re having issues with student finance, do go and talk to the fees office.

I’ve got a hectic couple of weeks ahead, with committees, visits and projects to plan.  However, Matt and Fatma have already been busy planning events – A Christmas Market trip, Ceilidh, Comedy nights, Quizzes and the ‘Secret life of a PhD’. More to follow on those in the coming weeks. ☺

Keep warm, don’t forget your clocks, and do contact me if there’s anything more we can do for you!

25th October 2017