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Always consider your research on a wider scale. Even if you don’t think your research has strong immediate connection to society, it will. At a later point, it will always be useful for someone somewhere. Too often in our lives we forget the bigger picture and this is unhealthy and unnecessary. By remembering that we are social creatures, who care about others and find great meaning in our relationships with other people, our lives can be far more fulfilling.

Since research of all kinds tends to take up a larger amount of our time and energy, it is vital see it in a positive light. If one spends too much time thinking that what they are doing is pointless, it’s extremely damaging in a completely unnecessary way. With a positive attitude researchers can easily find themselves being energized by their academic advances. This is all down to appreciating your own work on a societal scale because, as I said earlier, we shouldn’t think about ourselves in a purely individualistic sense.

The university is desperate to provide you with a passionate network of likeminded experts. Involving yourself in these groups will realise your full potential and you will push yourself to more satisfying and fulfilling levels. This process will force yourself to better understand your own strengths in many different parts of your life.



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Saad Alzahrani

15th May 2017