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This weekend, I have been invited to give a talk in the Egyptian cultural Bureau, Egyptian Embassy in London. The event was a chance to see the research conducted by Egyptian Professors, as well and research students in the UK. I was extremely proud of the amazing ideas, originality and dedication all the speakers presented on the day.

Although the event is not GSA related, it reminded me that sometimes we know little about each other, and how wonderful it would be if each of us can share something about their country for knowledge exchange. And I’ll start ☺Image result for great pyramids

The event reminded me of how beautiful my country is, and it gives me a great pleasure to share with you some of Ancient Egypt secrets.

One of the big mysteries of Egypt is the great Pyramid. It’s one of the seven ancient wonders of the world. It is composed of 3 million stone blocks weighing up to 60 tons. 60 tons! How stones with such weight have been transported from different quarries that were kilometres away in a time when there were no traced roads and the wheel had not yet been invented, is still a secret.

The ancient Egyptians cut stone blocks with such precision that even the most advanced saws that we have today would not be able to match the accuracy of ancient Egyptians. It has been demonstrated by researchers that the pyramid builders used a material, 50 times stronger than diamond to cut and shape the giant stone monuments but what kind of material is 50 times stronger than diamond? Today, researchers are unaware of a material of similar characteristics (Petricevic, 2015).

Research studies also showed that meat, milk or fruits kept in the King’s chamber of the Great Pyramid will not rot. Also, seeds planted inside will grow faster than if they were outside.

Enough about Egypt! I’d love to hear about your countries, send me something unique about your nation, and I will be happy to post it to all students. Ha, who is first? ☺

20th March 2017