Kate’s Blog: Happy Holidays! Term 1 round-up

It’s nearly Christmas and I am so excited I insisted that the GSA got a Christmas tree and then proceeded to cover the office in tinsel and lights. I have also smugly done all of my Christmas shopping. I know, I’m revolting. Sorry
With some time off imminent (yes, term finished a couple of weeks ago, but we’re still here until Friday, so if you’re on campus, do pop in and say hello) I thought now might be a good opportunity to round up some of the things I’ve been working on this term.

Here’s a list:

–          Gathering and submitting feedback on the University Partnership Agreement and the Government consultation on doctoral loans

–          Working with the GSA Council to offer training and support to its members

–          Providing a student voice on a wide range of committees including city-wide projects such as the Student Health Needs Assessment initiative

–          Organising events such as Operation:Midas and the Halloween Murder Mystery

–          Campaigning to raise the issue of dedicated Postgraduate social space and ensuring that a commitment to providing it is written into the longer term University strategy.

–          Making optional mental health first aid training available to PGWTS and ensuring a brief introduction to who to contact in the case of welfare concerns about students is included in compulsory PGWT training.

–          Working with York St John to organise the Good Landlord Awards

–          Visiting  the Keele Postgraduate Association and attending the A Voice for Postgrads Conference to exchange best practice with other individuals and organisations

If there’s anything else you think I should be doing, why not let me know at vp@yorkgsa.org?

22nd December 2016