Rasha’s Blog: A Well deserved Recognition!

Today the GSA produced the annual report of past year. It brought good memory of a year very dear to my heart and an effort from four officers working hard to promote the life experience of nearly 4000 postgraduate students at York.

This team changed the University’s procedures of examinations, introduced transportation for students with kids outside term dates for the first time, provided disabled friendly entrance in Halifax computer room, helped students in the time of York floods, led campaigns for international students, and much more.

It gives me a great pleasure to introduce to you such amazing team who worked very hard with me in year 2015-2016, a simple recognition of the team, without whom, the GSA would not have been able to achieve any of its achievements past year. I’ll start with Menglin Liu, a Masters student in the Department of Music. Not only has Menglin helped the GSA establish connections with the Chinese community of York Alumni, but she also performed in our events J. Her beautiful smile was an encouragement to everyone working with her.


Meglin Liu

Secondly, we had Blanca Ramirez who was a PhD candidate in the Management School. In past year, Blanca was able to gather very valuable information about postgraduate sports on campus. She helped organise several social activities for postgrads. Blanca’s ‘can do’ attitude really deserves admiration.


Blanca Ramirez

Last but not least, we had Imran Shah, a part-time Masters student in the Department of Sociology. Imran is really full of both energy and knowledge. Although his term with the GSA was only for past year, I am sure he still helps here and there as if he holds an official position J I used to call him the GSA minister of Happiness, and he really was. You can’t count the number of students with partners and families whom he has helped. Bless him, I really enjoyed working with him, he was a backbone to me in many tough times.


Imran Shah

There is no enough space here to write about the achievements of that team, but you can read the full report here annual report.

To Imran, Blanca and Menglin, THANK YOU sooo much for all what you have done past year. I am very appreciative for all the time and efforts you have put in the GSA, and very proud and honoured that I have met and worked with you <3


Rasha Ibrahim

GSA President 2015-2017

23rd November 2016