Kate’s Blog – Unstructured ramblings

Okay I have some thoughts, they are pretty disparate, but some of them have the potential to be interesting, so here goes. In no particular order…

Unstructured ramblings aren’t usually your thing, Kate

You’ve clearly never been on the receiving end of one of my ‘let me tell you everything about my life, without any form of punctuation’ Facebook messages. Also I promised Matt a blog two days ago and then I got side-tracked by planning Operation Midas and I forgot. So now I’m writing it in the ten minutes before the newsletter gets sent out, which is why it will be both unstructured and rambling. Deal with it.

Operation Midas, what’s that?

Funny you should ask actually. It’s one of the exciting events we have lined up for the next few weeks. It’s a campus-wide treasure hunt and spy game on 18th November where you have to solve clues to recover stolen documents and save an agent from capture. It’s going to be loads of fun and there are prizes to be won. Yes, prizes. Tickets are £3 and available here

After that we have a comedy night on the 25th November for which tickets will be online soon. There will also be a joint Masters/PhD Network event on 11th November to give masters students thinking about a PhD an insight into the application process and an opportunity to put questions to current PhD students. Other exciting events that are in the pipeline are a Christmas fair and ceilidh and a York brewery tour. More to follow soon.

That all?

That’s quite a lot you know. But wait, there’s more

 Go on then, what else?

On a more serious note PGRs and PGWTs will now have access to basic mental health first aid training in line with what is offered to staff members, check with the Research Excellence Training Team for more information

Done yet?


Congratulations to all our newly elected Council Officers.

Now I’m done

About time too.

26th October 2016