Postgraduate Tuition Fees

The first instalment of tuition fees for postgraduate courses is due by the end of October. This is usually 50% of the total cost for the year.

If you are in receipt of one of the new government postgraduate taught loans, or other funding which comes through in instalments (such as PGCE bursaries but not a student loan) this may not match the University’s policy.

The University requires 50% in October, 25% in January and 25% in April.

However, the government postgraduate taught loans, for example, come three equal and evenly spaced instalments across the duration of the course.

If you are affected by this then you should contact the Fees Office to discuss your situation, and the possibility of restructuring your payments to more closely match your funding arrangement. If you need further assistance then the advisers at the Student Support Hub will be able to assist you.

For advice and support on any issue you can also book an appointment with the GSA Advice Service:

14th October 2016