Kate’s Blog – My time on the GSA Council

So basically the reason I’m involved with the GSA now is because fairly-keen first year PhD Kate showed a vague interest in the GSA and this was pounced on by the then CEO of the organisation and the next thing I knew my housemate and I were running for Council positions. This, as it turns out, was a Good Decision and this is evinced by the fact that she is also still involved.

We both got elected and had a pretty great year organising events, I also set up and then ran the PhD Network for three years. I’m not going to lie being on Council was not always glamorous – who can forget that time we found ourselves clearing goose poo from a barbecue site or the meeting that somehow got derailed into a lengthy discussion about how ugly the carpet was in someone’s accommodation block.

That said, it was also hugely enjoyable. I made some good friends (some perhaps a little too good) through Council itself and amongst the postgrads that came along to events and I laughed a great deal (even four years later there is a particular phrase that can induce hysteria in a group of us). I also won a Vice Chancellors Award for Outstanding Achievement. I’m not really sure how this happened, but oh my word was the food amazing. If that’s how the V.C. eats on a regular basis then I’m surprised he’s not the size of a house.

What I think I’m trying to say is that being on Council was a really enjoyable experience, one that takes up as much or as little of your time as you want it to and I met a bunch of people that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise. It also looks good on your C.V and gives you experience of shaping an organisation if you’re the sort of person that that appeals to.

If you would like to run for GSA Council then go to the Autumn Elections page and then once you’ve found a role you’re interested in head over to the nominate page. And if you’re looking for more information or advice about running, I am happy to answer any questions or organise a meeting: vp@yorkgsa.org

Good luck!

5th October 2016