Kate’s Blog – Welcome Week and Network Week

Kate welcome talk

The mood in the office is one of enthusiasm this morning, each of us brimming with unbridled passion for the GSA, the University and the meetings we should be attending. I’m lying. We’re all tired and I have been entertaining everyone by verbalising a stream of consciousness so banal that Matt has resorted to his headphones. This, however, is a Good Thing. Why? Because it means that last week was pretty great. There were quizzes and bar crawls and talks and fairs and…I mean you probably know this, but if you don’t, needless to say there were a lot of events. A lot. And guess what? This week there are also exciting things going on. Yes, this week is Network Week.

Network week web

The GSA coordinates five networks (Masters, PhD, College Tutor, LGBTQ and Family) to enable you to socialise and network with other postgrads. There are various meet ups throughout this week which you can find out more about on the events page and do come along, it’ll be fun. I promise. I’m particularly excited about the family fun day on Sunday as I’ve been told there will be nerf guns. I like nerf guns. We’ll also be running some low key events during the week including a group walk of York walls and a chance to have a free smoothie with Mind Your Head, both on Tuesday. Once again more information to be found on the website at yorkgsa.org/events

If you would like to get involved in a society or a University sports team, head on down to the Freshers’ Fair on Saturday to find out more (despite the name, postgrads are super welcome and you can come and say hello to us on the GSA table). I would thoroughly recommend doing this, DramaSoc and PantSoc (Panto not pants in case you’re wondering) definitely got me through my PhD.

I think that’s probably enough from me. For now. I wonder if anyone would notice if I took a nap under my desk?

26th September 2016