Phoebe Nicholls

Summary of Current Role
I am the Digital Communications and Events Manager and help support our Events Coordinators to create and organise exciting events and activities for our postgraduates across the year. I  manage and maintain our supportive postgraduate community through the GSA networks, community projects and posting engaging and helpful content through the GSA’s Social Media Pages and Newsletters.

Previous Experience
I have an BA Business Management degree and I’m currently studying Msc Social Media and Management to gain a further insight into the world of social media and understanding our relationship with it. In my spare time I also work as a fitness blogger where I create engaging social media content through stories and posts via different social media platforms and working with large brands to promote their products and services.

Fun Information
I have been a dancer for 21 years and currently take ballet classes in my spare time, which I absolutely love! As well as a dancer  I also used to compete in cheerleading as a flyer in national competitions around the country! In my spare time I have  also worked as an actor/extra and have worked in Netflix’s Sex Education as a double for ‘Aimee’ which was a super fun experience!

Contact Details