Helen Coombs

Summary of current role 
I provide HR advice and support to GSA Staff, Sabbatical Officer and Interns and ensure the GSA is compliant with all relevant HR legislation, regulations and codes of practice.  I am helping to update existing and introduce new policies and processes which should benefit both individuals and the GSA.

Previous Experience 
I  previously worked for the University of York for over 30 years in a variety of roles and Departments. I started as a Research Associate after I completed my PhD at the University of Hertfordshire and spent time as a Research Group Administrator and was Department Manager in Chemistry before I joined the GSA in July 2021. Although it was a long time ago, I still remember the difficulties faced as a graduate student and I am very keen to help improve the experience of current students. I have a good experience of a whole range of HR issues but my particular interest is in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and wellbeing.

Fun Information
I know a surprising amount about football (having spent many hours standing on the sidelines watching my sons play when they were younger) but since moving to Yorkshire I generally keep quiet about which team I support! I love reading (fiction and amateur psychology) and have recently started to spend time in my garden but am still at the stage of pulling up weeds after letting it get completely overgrown for about 10 years.

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