GSA x Mario Kart Society: Mario Kart Tournament

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Whether you’re out of practice or a dedicated racer, join our nostalgic Mario Kart Tournament presented jointly with the Mario Kart Society!

Come as a team or come as you are, but beware: banana peels will be dropped, red shells will be launched, loyalties will be tested.

You won’t just be playing for the Star Cup or to beat your mates, because WINS means TINS! We’ll be giving away tinnies to the race winners after the race (don’t drink and drive!).

Guaranteed evening of high-octane karting fun!

We’ll be using Nintendo Switches, so if you have your own console then do bring it along!

Event Details

Location: Vedge, Wentworth
Date: 18/10/2023, 17:00 - 19:00