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Rasha's Blog - No food, no drink?

  Being part of the GSA for the past 2 years, I gained amazing friends from different faiths, and faithless backgrounds. One of my dear friends once asked me: “why do Muslims congratulate each other at the start of Ramadan. Do you congratulate each other on having to suffer a month of hunger?!! I would…

GSA Summer 17 Election Results

The summer elections are now over and we are extremely pleased to say that this was one of our most engaging elections for years. There were 4893 eligible voters and 681 votes which meant we had a voter turnout of 14%. This is almost triple the turnout of last years elections, and almost 200 votes more than our…

Saad's Blog - The pursuit of satisfaction

Always consider your research on a wider scale. Even if you don’t think your research has strong immediate connection to society, it will. At a later point, it will always be useful for someone somewhere. Too often in our lives we forget the bigger picture and this is unhealthy and unnecessary. By remembering that we…