New Students

We are the University of York Graduate Students’ Association – GSA for short – and it is our job to help you settle into life in York and ensure your needs are met while you are here.

The GSA is run by postgraduate students for postgraduate students. Everything we do – from organising sports sessions and trips, to lobbying for more postgraduate study spaces from the University – happens because postgraduates decided it should happen.

The following pages on the left are designed to give you information on postgraduate life at York before and after you arrive. But also have a look at the University’s welcome pages if you haven’t already.

We’ve made sure there are lots of events happening across campus when you arrive so you can meet new friends and get used to life at York. You can find a list of what we have planned by clicking on the Postgraduate Welcome Week tab.

We have created a Facebook group for new postgraduates to get to know one another before they arrive – you can join it here.

York is one of the few Universities in the UK to have a students’ association solely for postgraduates. We work in conjunction with YUSU and the University to ensure that you are well supported in your time at York.