While there are various definitions of wellbeing, all suggest that wellbeing refers to all aspects of an individual’s life: physical, psychological, social and financial health.

As such there are number of factors that can affect the wellbeing of a person. Although the postgraduate membership is diverse there are a number of common themes that affect the wellbeing of postgraduates which include:

  • ill health
  • home sickness
  • culture shock
  • feeling lonely or isolated
  • accommodation problems
  • balancing family life
  • financial concerns

Physical Health

All students are advised to register with a Doctor’s Surgery as soon as possible. Students are eligible to access free NHS services including doctor consultations, emergency treatment, hospital treatment if recommended by your Doctor, contraceptives, and maternity care, if they are an EU student or a non-EU student who is studying on a course lasting more than 6 months. You can register with the University’s on campus Health Centre, Unity Health, or any other medical practice as desired. Links to further information about this can be found below. You will need to make an appointment to access these services by speaking to your surgery’s Receptionist and depending on the issue you may be seen by a Nurse or a Doctor. If you are prescribed medication, you will need to take your prescription to a pharmacy/chemist and will be charged a standard fee for the medicine.