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Stewart Cooper - Task based language research



REWARD FOR PARTICIPANTS: Entered into a draw for the chance to win £50


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Participants are required to take part in two short tasks such as those used in English language teaching. Participation simply involves creating a narrative and talking about some pictures. Responses will be audio recorded and all data will be anonymised. Ethical approval has been granted.

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The views of abroad Chinese female students on the concept of 'left-over women' - Ruth

Completion Time: one-to-one interview; estimated 30 -60 minutes
Participants needed: 8
Reward: Chocolate
Available until: Mid March

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There is an official concept in nowadays Chinese society, that the women are unmarried over a crtain age are called ‘left-over women’. This concept is not narrowly or necessarily concerned by those who are (as such if categorized by its official), and it could also be considered relevantly and interested by those who are not currently aging over the age line that the concept encapsulates. Based on such background, it might not be surprising that Chinese young women have creative ideas on this concept, and what this research aims to study is exactly how do abroad Chinese female students view “being a ‘left-over’ women in contemporary Chinese society. In order to do this research, I’m going to invite Chinese female postgraduate/PhD students studying at UOY to take part in the interview. As for the type of language we are going to use in the interview, you can choose either English or Chinese. And during the interview, you don’t have to answer all questions if you don’t feel comfortable to do so, and also you can withdraw from the study any time during the interview and for up to 2 weeks after interview without giving a reason. If you have interests to take part in this interesting study, feel free to contact me! I will be very appreciated of your help! You can just email me back :, and if you prefer getting in touch further by we-chat, absolutely fine! We will do so later then, for discussing the place and time of our interview meeting, of course also the more things you want to make sure before u surely decide to participate. Thanks a lot!!!

Zhiying Jian - The dyadic interaction between student and university staf

Time: 1 hour
Participants needed: 30
Reward: to be negotiated
No time limit

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The researcher is recruiting students in the University of York from two backgrounds: 1. students who are born in the UK and speak English as the first language 2. overseas students from China. The project is interested in how these two groups of students interact with their tutors or supervisors in the one-to-one meetings. To participate, the participants will allow to be video recorded during the session while the researcher is not on-site. The recording will only be watched by the research for analytic purpose and the confidentiality will be fully protected.


Nathan Hughes - Player Experience with Open World Games

ESTIMATED TIME PARTICIPANTS REQUIRED FOR: 30-60 minutes face-to-face interview




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SHORT DESCRIPTION OF PROJECT: I’m currently running an interview study on player experiences with open world games, such as Skyrim or Witcher 3. I’m interested in what players enjoy about these games, and what things they associate to ‘open worlds’, as part of my ongoing PhD research. The interview will involve questions around this topic and will be audio recorded for analysis. It should take approximately 30 minutes, but it’s very flexible depending on how much there is to talk about! If you’ve played these types of games and are free for a face-to-face interview sometime this month, then please contact me at !



Justyna Mackiewicz - Language and Academic Experience

75 minutes
28th February

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We are looking for Chinese undergraduate students in their second and third year who will undertake a number of language and memory tasks.