Vic Noble

Summary of current role 
I collect and analyse student thoughts and opinions through various methods to help support both sabbatical and long term GSA campaigns.

Previous Experience 
I joined the GSA in October 2017, when I started my PhD at York. While I like to think I’m somewhat adept in data analysis, the real fun lies in my personal experience with student unions. During my undergrad and MA years, I was very involved in student unions, from chairing a performance society to founding a gaming society, and being a course rep. I guess I’ve always wanted to have an enriched student experience, so working in student feedback is a good fit for me 😀

Fun Information
What do I do in my spare time? Oh man this is where I start to sound grim and boring. I guess I just like to play with my cat? He’s a cute little ex-stray who used to live with some horses, and is a little bit broken from his time on the streets… so I guess I just like to make him feel happy and safe and loved. For other hobbies, I’m gonna say I go to the gym, learn languages, and play the same games over and over again… The Sims, Civilization V (Not upgraded to VI why would I?), Cities Skylines, Animal Crossing…

Contact Detail