Saee Nikte

I work as one of the Events and Communications Coordinators at the GSA. This means contributing to the planning and execution of engaging events for the wide-ranging graduate community at York. My work here will also include communicating these events and other support facilities provided by the GSA through social media and other platforms.

Previous Experience
I am currently pursuing my second masters, studying Film and Literature (and loving it!). I have always loved doing anything and everything involving literature and writing. This led to working on various freelance content writing projects as well as some translation work. I come with student-centric event curation and management experience from my undergraduate years in Mumbai, India. I now look forward to working on events and activities with students here!

Fun Information
What I enjoy most in my free time is sinking into a good book and going for hikes and treks. In fact, one of the most enriching experiences for me has been trekking in the Himalayas!