Harry Clay

Summary of current role
My job is to tell postgraduates things, which sounds a lot easier than it is. I manage our weekly newsletter, social media channels, and regularly update the website, as well as any additional communication that’s required for postgrads (you might have seen the Easter Info Booklets around campus through the holidays). I’m also keenly involved with just about any other GSA project I have time to work with, including securing funding, developing graphics, working with the intern team, and generally supporting anyone at the GSA who asks nicely.

Previous Experience
I completed my BA in Philosophy and MA in Public Policy in York, so UoY students are one thing I know quite a lot about. During that time I edited York Vision, York’s leading (only) student tabloid newspaper as well as The Lemon Press, York’s leading (only) student satire magazine. They’ve both given me unique opportunities to understand how to communicate to students.

Fun Information
My main hobbies are currently Bar Billiards, and watching the hit Christopher Nolan film, Tenet (2020). I’ve also been known to play guitar, but really I’m a fan of any activity that leaves me tired and emotional. I’ve also been on Look North (twice).

Contact Details