Darryl Butcher

I joined the GSA in August 2019. As CEO, I manage the GSA team to provide a vital range of postgraduate services which combines with working to support our annually duly elected student sabbatical officers to create the highest possible value in enriching students’ lives during their time here at the University of York. I am passionate about the value of education to transform lives – whatever background you come from.

I welcome any feedback or suggestions for the development of the GSA, if you would like to get in touch with me to talk further, please email ceo@yorkgsa.org

I come from a commercial media (C4, Sky, Dennis Publishing) and Charity (Variety, Comic Relief, Media Trust) background, previously working over a couple of decades to create a wide range of powerful and attention grabbing communications & campaigns. This combines with a track record in recent years of helping charities to spend their money in the most strategic and efficient way.