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If you would like to submit a policy to be discussed and decided upon by GSA Council, please do so below.

We welcome policy on any issue – however big or small! If you would like to discuss your policy proposal before submitting it, please email .

Please be aware that all submissions are read through by staff to ensure that they would not endanger the GSA legally, financially or reputationally.

Policy Submission form :

Our Policy procedure is outlined below:

GSA Policy Submission Procedure

The GSA Council is the GSA’s governing and policy body responsible for the direction of the organisation. It considers, debates and approves/rejects all policy submissions. The procedure for how this operates can be found below.

Policy Submission is made via this form:

Once a policy has been proposed it will be reviewed by the Representation and Democracy (R&D) coordinator. The policy proposer is welcome to meet with the R&D coordinator prior to or following submission if they require any advice on their policy submission.

The policy will then be passed to the Chair of Council for inclusion at the next GSA Council meeting providing it does not breach one of the following conditions:

Policy must not mandate an officer to break the law
Policy must not be illegal
Policy must not have a greater cost to the organisation than the budget for the activity stream in which it falls. (However, any financial implication may also need approval from the GSA Trustee Board)
Policy must not endanger any member of the GSA, or any student
Policy must not bring the organisation into disrepute.

The boundaries are set by the GSA, and any decision made by the organisation not to put something forward to Council can be appealed.

Should the policy breach one of these conditions, the policy proposer will be invited to work with the R&D coordinator to amend the policy for re-submission. Should the proposer wish to appeal the decision, they may contact the Chair of Council. The chair will have three options a) to put the motion forward to Council b) to send it forward to Council with GSA commentary as to why it should not be passed c) to confirm the original rejection.

If the policy does not breach one of these categories, it will be passed to the Chair of Council for inclusion in the next eligible meeting. Papers for each meeting are sent out a week before Council, so any policy proposals received in the week before a Council meeting will appear on the agenda of the subsequent meeting.

The proposer will be invited to present their proposal. It will be debated by the GSA Council, and the secretary (R&D coordinator) may be asked factual questions relating to implementation or past practice.

The proposer will be asked to leave the room whilst the policy is voted on.

If the policy is rejected, the proposer may ask for feedback on how to improve the policy, and work with the R&D coordinator to re-form the policy.

If the Policy is approved, it will become a by-law. Council approved by-laws are reviewed by Council on an annual basis from the meeting of their approval.