Scrutiny Committee

Scrutiny Committee is a delegated sub-committee of GSA Student Council. It is responsible for holding the GSA’s three elected Officers to account.

The committee meets twice a term to asses the officers performance in their elected roles, to be composed of 5 members drawn from a larger pool of trained scrutinisers.

Q: How does it hold Officers to Account?
A: Each Full-Time Officer submits a report to the committee, in which they must address their work against their job description, manifesto pledges and GSA policy. This is assessed and questioned by the Scrutiny Committee, who may choose to also conduct further research to follow up an area of concern. Following each sitting of the committee, a report is submitted to the GSA Council for consideration.

Applications for the 2019/2020 Academic Year will open on the 14th October.

The Role comes with full training, provided by the Representation and Democracy coordinator. Members of the committee must declare any friendships/relationships with Sabbatical Officers.

To apply to be a part of the GSA Scrutiny panel, please follow this link: