There are 3 full time officer positions and 3 student trustee positions available in the GSA Leadership Elections 2021

Each of the officers has a different remit but all involve going out and speaking to students, representing postgraduate students in a range of University meetings and developing projects and events to benefit the postgraduate community. More details about each position can be found below:


Acts as the main external contact for the GSA, focuses on the professional development of postgraduates, and represents the postgraduate voice on University committees as well as working with college postgraduate representatives.

Vice President – Wellbeing and Community 

Focuses on the practical aspects of the student experience, coordinating events, sports, wellbeing activities and leads on supporting our network groups.

Vice President – Academic

This position focuses on the academic aspects of postgraduate study, feeding into a variety of University meetings and committees as well as developing projects to improving the learning, teaching and research experience at the University.

Student Trustee

The Student Trustee is a part time role, sitting on the board of trustees of the GSA. They will feed into meetings (approximately 4 over the academic year) to ensure the GSA is keeping to its charitable objectives.


Nominations are open now! Click here to go to the nominations page