Sehrish Shafi @gsayorkpres

My Manifesto:

  • Proofreading Facilities for Postgraduates
  • On-campus facilities with flexible rates Mental Health Supporting Groups
  • To encourage more support groups e.g. for anxiety, depression
  • To make York alumni effective to share their experiences with students More Accommodation spaces
  • To work with the University to add more family accommodation especially for international students
  • To introduce a system to rate single & family accommodation
  • To have affordable single accommodation Inclusivity
  • To create a culture of togetherness by organising more social events for students where we can share our university experience Social space for Postgraduates
  • To create a dedicated social space as a stress buster for postgraduates
  • Effective Communication among all student-led societies
  • To maximize the potential of all societies, I’ll set up joint events supported by the GSA Disabled Postgraduate Students’ network network 4 advocacy & forum 4 discussion

Specific Duties of the President:

  • To be the recognised leader and spokesperson for the organisation and the membership
  • To be the principal spokesperson for the GSA dealing with media enquiries
  • To support the GSA Council with their activities (Council Chair and Colleges officer)
  • To work closely with members of the University Executive Board as well as other stakeholders to ensure that all new policy and decisions are taken with an understanding of the postgraduates view and ensuring coherence on policy where possible
  • To work with the University on the careers and employability opportunities available to members and ensuring that their needs are being met
  • To be the lead officer for all matters relating to estates, campus development and accommodation
  • Be responsible for overseeing the GSA’s strategy and the development of the GSA
  • Represents York postgraduates at all levels of the University, locally and nationally
  • To communicate regularly with the University Executive Board about the work of the GSA
  • To develop and lead on strategic GSA campaigns that are relevant to the membership
  • To be proactive as a channel of communication to other officers, student members, GSA staff and University staff on GSA Policy and issues affecting students
  • To be responsible for overseeing, reviewing and developing the democratic processes of the GSA such as the Articles of Association
  • To proactively engage with the membership to determine the changing priorities of postgraduate students throughout the year
  • Main representative to colleges and postgraduate committees in colleges
  • To support the Universities recruitment and alumni activity