Crisis Crafting Wellness Craft Sessions

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Crisis Crafting is an art session that will run every Tuesday from 12-14, campus West, University of York. The session will give literature postgraduates who are feeling down and doubting their ability a sense of achievement and remind them they are not simply essay machines! Students decide what they wish to produce under one broad theme each week. We will provide a wide range of crafting materials and books so postgraduates can play to their strengths and avoid artistic pressure or step out of their comfort zones if they like. We will emphasize process over product. Whatever is produced by the end of the session will be gifted, in-completion and imperfection will be celebrated. Crucially, Crisis Crafting will give students allocated downtime so their minds can more effectively make connections for essays. By ensuring the session runs at the same time every week, students have a safe, sociable space that is reliable they can turn and look forward to. The social aspect of this get-together is the most vital thing as the risk of isolation and stagnation runs high during an MA, particularly during the dissertation period.

Event Details

Location: Spring Lane Building SLB201
Date: 12/03/2020, 11:00 - 13:00