Support for Principal Officers

The GSA recognises that being a principal officer can be a demanding, yet rewarding, role. It can be tough to balance being a leader in the Association along with your academic work – which must always come first.

The GSA staff therefore work with every individual officer to create a level of support which works for them. However, here are some of the things which we provide for all principal officers as standard:

  • A dedicated staff member with specific responsibility for an individual officer – who you will meet on a weekly one-to-one basis.
  • A principal officer training program.
  • Complete access to all staff expertise and knowledge.
  • Access to a dedicated administrator, who can organize meetings, rooms, catering, find prices, etc.
  • Access to relevant budget to ensure that you can potentially ‘make a difference’.
  • A leadership mentoring scheme with a senior member of University staff (subject to agreement).

In addition, we are keen to ensure that you get the most from your year, and therefore you will automatically be enrolled in the GSA review and appraisal scheme. This will take place at regular intervals with both your dedicated staff member and an independent member of the GSA staff or officer team.