Viviane Yuxin Cao

We stand for graduate voice!

What is in it for you?

Bridge – Give you a gateway to solving problems and not just your own!

  • Will know where to turn to for help when you have a problem
  • The types of departments and organizations in the university and what benefits and assistance can offer
  • Maximise understanding of what and how our GSA can help, develop and support you

Law – Ensure you can get legal support if necessary, certainly don’t wish it to happen

  • Legal Consultation and Legal Aid
  • Raising legal awareness among students
  • Interesting legal awareness activities

Career – Giving you more career options

  • Develop opportunities for communication between student and employer, particular on a part-time job
  • Professional advice on start-up policies and visas if you wanna start your own business
  • Giving you an easy way to find part-time work


Bridge – Create a tree hole post to directly offer suggestions and talks
Law – Work with the law centre to better support and create activities with you
Career – Link with Uni career and other organizations to set up a platform about York jobs

Why me?

As a student, I personally dealt with a number of different bundles for my friends and I’m a passionate, positive and trustable and real candidate with huge amounts of leadership experience, energy and problem-solving. I want to get to know and listen to you all of you to ensure your legitimate interests and student experience is the best it can be!

A Vote For Me is A Vote For You!
We Are Building A Better Life For Students!