Pathan Nawid Anjun

Hi, My name is Pathan Nawid Anjum and I am running for the position(s) of GSA Wellbeing and Community because I believe student wellbeing and mental health is embedded in institutional decision making, and also in the future life.

I have experience in management and Human resources development so I can tackle the mental and health and have developed the following skills such as problem solving and management including communication skills, I believe these make me an ideal candidate. If elected I would aim to:

Objective 1- To help the students, who is going through any mental or physical problem because of this pandemic and will provide every source of emotional or financial help they want.

Objective 2- Will work, provided Gender pronoun badges within uoy which students can pick up when required. This will stop the mis-gendering and show support to our Transgender Students.

  • Objective 3- Gender Neutral Toilets implemented in all new buildings.
  • Organised specific events for Liberation Groups
  • Helped develop a University Mental Health Framework to show what the University a committing to.
  • Have managed to offer more Mental Health drop ins for students across East and west Campuses of university of York.
  • Alongside the Wellbeing department we have been able to offer more student drop ins including higher presence on Medway campus.
  • PATS – Personal academic tutors now have a defined job role within a new policy.
  • Run an Ask Twice Mental Health campaign with Students which had over 1000 students engaging.
  • Run a Winter Wellbeing Campaign
  • Provided free Condoms/ Sanitary towels for students to promote period poverty and safe sex which are available throughout the year
  • Raised important messages during Hate Crime Awareness/ Alcohol Awareness Week
  • Have held Student Support Health and Wellbeing to account by raising awareness of complaints about them straight to them to ensure something can be done.
  • Written promotional educational blogs around improving student Wellbeing.

To be your (Wellbeing) is something that I care strongly about and is such an important thing to me to ensure that students can be cared and supported for. There should be more of a focused understanding of Wellbeing throughout the Uni and I want to continue to ensure that University is a place of inclusion and accessibility for all.