Owen Griffiths

Vote for Me- Vote for OG- Vote Owen Griffiths GSA President!

My Priorities: Accommodation, Community, Careers

  1.  Find a Flatmate: Finding accommodation as a postgrad can be confusing and hard. We need a way to find housemates to live with. The union should play its role, offering a service to help people connect with potential new flatmates, making the process clearer and easier.
  2. Let’s Meet Again: At the start of next year, I will put on a society’s fair so that postgrads can get really stuck in, make new friends, and be more integrated into the uni. This past year we’ve all missed being able to do stuff in person. As President I will put pressure on the uni for things to be in person, for lots of events and for a specifically postgrad social space to be made.
  3. Our Careers: The uni needs more career events that are catered to postgraduate level, They need to be easy to find, and for specific departments. We are blessed with some awesome careers help but the careers help needs to be more visible and more catered to each and every postgrad on campus.

As well as those priorities I will also put pressure on the University to be more environmentally friendly as part of our commitment to the climate emergency.

Why Me? During my time at University, I have served on two society committees and have been a scrutiny officer here at York. I am organised, reliable, and know I will do a good job leading the GSA. I have loved being in York and passionately want to make sure as many postgrad students love their time here too.

Vote Owen Griffiths President 20th-26th May!